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Article: Why You Should Avoid Fragrance, Perfume, and Natural Fragrance In Beauty Care Products

Why You Should Avoid Fragrance, Perfume, and Natural Fragrance In Beauty Care Products

Well, hello!


If any of you have ordered from SBA, you'll notice something missing from the "ingredients" section of the label. Any guesses? If you thoughts of the words "natural fragrance", "fragrance", or "perfume" you would be right! They are nowhere to be found on any of our product labels. The reason behind this is that "natural fragrance" is usually not natural at all. There can be thousands of harmful chemicals hiding behind those labels that companies are not required to disclose.


Natural Fragrance vs. Fragrance:


What's the difference between these two? Well, it turns out, not much.

Did you know the FDA does not regulate the differences between "natural fragrance" and "fragrance"? This means these terms can be used interchangeably. So that moisturizer with natural fragrance could be no better than one with "fragrance". Companies get to decide which one of these terms they include on their labels depending on the type of marketing they're going for.

Studies have found that an overwhelming majority of the chemicals used in fragrances in skincare products are made from petroleum... yes, the main ingredient used to make gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. Petroleum (or crude oil), can be a helpful substance when it's used in our cars and to fuel machines and ships... but not as an ingredient for a product used on our face and body or scalp!

The chemicals within petroleum include toxic compounds that are linked to birth defects, cancer, nervous system disorders, skin allergies, allergic reactions, and other immune-compromising health risks. Other compounds have even been linked to reproductive health risks, hormone disruption, and liver and kidney issues. These around compounds to mess around with!


It's best to simply steer clear of any products containing "fragrance", or "perfume". Not worth the health risks!


Marketing in the beauty industry:


We've all been to TJ Maxx, Ulta, or Target and been enticed by their pretty "all-natural" or "natural" labeled products... especially the ones that are on sale. However, certain studies have found that over 68 percent of advertisements in the beauty industry are made up. Companies can market their products as "natural" even if there's barely anything natural about said products. This includes facial care products, body care products, hair care products, perfumes... all labeled "natural" yet containing possible toxic and harmful ingredients.


This is such an expansive topic, however, it's one that SBA is passionate about. For the reasons included in this email and many more, we will never include harmful fragrances in our products. We are dedicated to sourcing the purest and most effective herbs, botanicals, oils, and actual natural ingredients.


Before I go, I wanted to send you over to the blog area of our website to read up on popular "natural" or "all-natural" conventional beauty products that contain fragrances, natural fragrances, and perfumes. Click here to read more on the blog! You may be surprised to find you use some of them in your body/skin/hair care routine!


All the best,

Chelsea Henderson (Founder & Herbalist)

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