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Article: The DEFUNK Phase & How To Get Through It!

The DEFUNK Phase & How To Get Through It!

So, you that quote, "Nothing worth having comes easy"? Well, the same could be said about switching over to all-natural deodorants, like the ones we carry (baking soda-free options)! Okay, so it's not that deep, but you get my point. 

You may be wondering, "What is the defunk phase?!" and why it happens in the first place. Perhaps you're thinking, "will I experience the ominous defunk phase?!"

Well, we're so glad you asked because we're diving right into these questions today. We want you to feel confident about switching over to all-natural, toxin-free deodorant, so we're giving you all the important details! Also, the answer is you may not experience this phase. Many people do not... We just want you to have all the info in case you happen to experience any of the signs we're discussing today.


Why the "defunk" or detox phase can happen & what the signs are:

When transitioning from conventional deodorants to all-natural alternatives, SOME people (not all!) may experience a "detox" or "defunk" phase. Here's a basic explanation of why this transition period occurs:

  • Blocked Sweat Glands: Conventional deodorants often contain chemical antiperspirants that block sweat glands, reducing perspiration. When transitioning to all-natural deodorant, which allows the body to sweat more naturally, the sweat glands may become unblocked which is a GOOD thing! Your little pits are finally free of the daily blockage and toxin load.
  • Toxin Release: During this adjustment period, your body may release built-up toxins that were previously trapped by the antiperspirants in conventional deodorants. This can lead to more sweat production than usual and a different-smelling odor. Again, this is a good sign. Just a part of the process and detoxing those harmful fragrances, aluminum, and sweat gland-blocking chemicals!
  • Increased Sweating: Again, as your body adjusts to the natural deodorant, you may notice an initial increase in sweating. This is a temporary phase as your body regulates its temperature and eliminates toxins. But don't fear, the amount of sweat usually normalizes after a few weeks or less!
  • Odor Changes: You may notice the way your pits smell change during this detox phase. The different odor experienced during the "defunk" phase is due to your sweat and the bacteria on your skin mixing together. Tooootally normal. The bacterial balance will change as your pits get used to not having synthetic antiperspirants. This phase is temporary, and your body will naturally establish a new balance! Don't worry!

Tips to aid detoxification during the defunk phase:

1. Patience! I know, not fun to hear. But if you are one that goes through this phase, it's just a few days/weeks of your life to greatly benefit your health with little effort! You may be one of the many people who did not experience this phase! 
2. Support the transition by:
-Practicing good hygiene by washing regularly and using all natural soap to reduce bacteria from the pit area!
-Wearing breathable, natural-fiber clothing (cotton!) to let your pits breath and not trap bacteria.
-Drinking PLENTY of water to aid in the detoxification process.
-Use our Clay Masks to detox your pits! This REALLY works! This helps to draw out the bacteria and odor from your pits, aiding in the detoxification process. 
-Apply 2 swipes of our all natural, aluminum free deodorants at night. This will help get your pits accustomed to the new deodorant and help to purge any buildup caused by fragrances, aluminum, toxic chemicals in your previous deo. 


Remember! The "defunk" phase is a temporary adjustment period that signals your body's transition to a more natural state! Yay. Your body is doing what it was meant to do! As you continue to use our all-natural deodorants, your body will adapt, and the natural deodorant will help control odor while supporting a healthier, more natural balance!



Here's a fun Pinterest pin of ours about this topic!

Here to help,

Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Founder & CEO)


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