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Article: Does Your Baby Have Skin Issues? Try This One Simple Tip!


Does Your Baby Have Skin Issues? Try This One Simple Tip!

Hey there, Mama!


Chelsea here =)


I am about to offer some mom advice and I am in NO way trying to make you feel "wrong" for doing what you think is best for your little ones. Just sharing my approach in hopes to help you ❤️


Today, we're going to be talking about a common theme among parents and their babies: Skin issues and rashes! Yes, I've been there too with my baby daughter.

When mommas have asked me about any skin issues with their babes, my first question is, "How often do you bathe them?" We tend to bathe our babies way too much based on thinking they need showers or bathing as often as we do.


However, babies have different skin needs than adults, and bathing frequently can strip their skin of natural oils; especially if using conventional soap with fragrance at bath time.

When bathing is limited to when it's needed, skin issues oftentimes clear themselves up because the sebum gets to do what it's meant to do. So my advice to mommas asking me how to naturally clear up a rash etc., is to only bathe baby when needed.

If Selah gets dirty from something like messy eating etc., then unscented, "clean" baby wipes, are usually my friend.

You have every right to disagree with me, if part of your nightly routine is to bathe your baby, no judgment here.


But if your baby is experiencing skin issues - talk to your doctor - and maybe try and bathe less.


Also, use products free of fragrance and/or harsh ingredients. Because if something like your laundry detergent, diapers with fragrance in them, or wipes is what's causing the rash - then the rash probably won't leave even when using herbal baths.

As always, when trying anything new out on your baby, always do a spot test first!


Also, check out our recent blog post about a soothing herbal bath soak that I love making for bath time when certain skin issues arise in our family!


As always, reach out with any comments or questions! I am passionate about helping you. 



Chelsea Henderson (Founder & Herbalist)

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